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Reliable Online Live Casino in Malaysia

So what is a live casino? What does it include? Live casino refers to a version of a real-life live casino where the dealer spreads out the cards or spins the roulette live wheel for clients who connect online.

Unlike the physical limitations of a real-life casino, the best live casino in Malaysia BEWIN998 gives fans of gambling the opportunity to play their favorite live casino games from their mobile device.

People who are not much fascinated by slot games and sports betting, will most likely become hooked in seconds after trying an online live casino like BEWIN998 - and the special bonuses certainly make this even more appealing.

Furthermore, you get the chance to stream live casino games to your screen, receive a welcome bonus, place your stake online, and interact with other gamblers.

BEWIN998 came into life in 1996, and has been growing in popularity ever since. With the progression of technology, the regular online casino of Malaysia became a more upgraded version of the typical Malaysia live casino with just one table and dealer every time.

Up to this moment, there is a broad range of live casino games to choose from including the famous roulette, baccarat, and poker. The Asian casino gaming authority can be reached 24/7 and applies to most casino platforms.

It’s no surprise that gambling has been popular for several centuries. Roulette and blackjack are the first casino games featured in live casinos of Malaysia. Initially, traditional live casinos had only one dealer and table at a time and only a few gaming options.

But, as the online casino of Malaysia industry has evolved over time, more game options and features were introduced. Currently, live casinos in Malaysia offer several casino games such as slots, poker and fan-tan to their members.

Online live casinos are currently very popular in Malaysia. This is maybe because live casino games are more engaging and convenient than the ones often in a traditional casino.

When you visit a trusted Malaysian Online Live Casino, you’ll get the chance to try out numerous games and enjoy awesome bonuses that will increase your odds of winning.

If we take a closer look at the history of live casinos in Malaysia, the first casinos of this kind emerged around two decades ago. As they offer an amazing gaming experience and stellar customer service, these casinos have been a huge hit in Malaysia, over the past few years.

Online live casino games have faded out the line between real-world casinos and online casino platforms. The experience offered by Malaysia online live games, compared to real-world casinos, is just phenomenal.

Several Types of Live Casino Online Malaysia

In BEWIN998 live casino Malaysia you can find many types of live casino games. Gaming options include roulette, baccarat, SIC BO, slots, sports betting, poker, blackjack, Fan-Tan, and much more.

Live Baccarat

A very entertaining casino game and one of the most exciting games to gamble on. Baccarat was one of the first games that launched the live dealers feature. Its fans are often called “whales” because they stake and (often) win big.

As you play an online baccarat Malaysia game, multiple cameras display clear video to your P.C or mobile device as the game is played. Live expert dealers with experience in dealing with multiple casino players, oversee table activity.

The game is played similar to a real-world casino baccarat where you try to outwin the banker by hitting a value that is nearest to 9. Online baccarat is played with 8 basic 52-card decks. Places are expected to stake before each deal and staking on the banker’s hand is also enabled.

The most lucratives kinds are the ones with several payout methods. You may pick one that suits you best. BEWIN998 is probably the top choice to try your luck in an online Casino in Malaysia. Our live casino games include

  • VIP

  • Seven-Up

  • 7-seat

  • Bid

  • Dragon

Live Roulette

BEWIN998 provides online live roulette for fans of the game.

Roulette is perhaps the most entertaining and reliable of all the live casino games. Online Roulette Malaysia is our top choice in this category. When you punter, you just put your wager clips on the roulette table and then the dealer spins the wheel with the ball going the opposite direction.

After a few seconds or minutes, the ball finally stops at a specific number. If the stake you’ve added has the same number with that where the ball landed, congrats you have won! BEWIN998 is proud to offer the best online roulette games such as Exclusive Roulette and French Roulette.

Watch this video to learn how to play Roulette:

Live Blackjack

The interactions between Blackjack Malaysia dealers and punters are truly remarkable. It’s no surprise why so many folks prefer staking in blackjack live game platforms like BEWIN998. The target is to outwin the dealer. This is possible when you hit a hand number/value that is higher than the dealer’s value and closer to 21 - if the dealer also has a hand value that is greater than 21 they are burned and you win. On the contrary, if your value is higher than 21, you lose.

Face court cards are given 10 points while card numbers from 2 to 10 are given their actuan numeric value. The ace equals 1 or 11 points (predefined by the dealer). Go to BEWIN998 for more info.

SIC BO Online

SIC BO has origins in China and managed to enter the online casino market in Malaysia quite successfully.

It’s a quite simple game to play as it involves 3 dice placed in a cylinder and tossed around, once players have placed their stakes. Results then show up and if you have made an accurate guess you win or else you lose. There are many fans of this game on our website and apart from the original version, players can try their luck in Super Color Sicbo.

Dragon & Tiger

A type of game that represents a 2-card variation of the famous Baccarat.

Two cards are picked - one to the dragon side and the other to the tiger side. The gambler then guesses and picks which side has the higher value. The dealer then reveals the cards and the one with the highest value wins. If after revealing the cards their value is the same, the house collects half of each stake. For more info check out the BEWIN998 online casino website.

Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a conventional Chinese game with a cup and several small beads, played on a compact surface. The Fan Tan game was quite popular in the 19th century. So how is it played? The dealer advises the gamblers to put their stakes on a number from 1 to 4 or combo of these.

Once the stakes are placed, the dealer rings a bell that indicates that the time to place bets is finished. The dealer then grabs a cup and shields around 80/220 beads and sweeps away the remaining beads and the cup. Then, they take a small bamboo and split the beads into batches of 4. 1-4 beads will finally remain and that will be the number that wins. It’s actually quite fun.

This game is getting more popularity among the trusted live casinos in Malaysia in 2021. Just give it a try!

Live Poker

A favorite game choice with several eye-catching features that enhance the whole experience.

Poker Malaysia online gambling has everything you need as a serious player. It’s different from what you are used to. When players play live poker at BEWIN998 website, the dealer gives them two covered cards. The player uses one or both cards together with five other cards to achieve the top Penta-card hand value. If you hit the best hand, you’ll win. Playing live games like that has never been so easy and fun.

Texas Hold’Em Malaysia Casino

A popular variation of Poker where you have to familiarise yourself with the rules and stake against the house.

You only need a P.C or mobile device to start playing. The game is quite flexible and accessible and you can stake any amount you wish. In Texas Hold’Em poker, your aim is to outwin the live dealer. You may choose to place alone or with other players. Once your cards are dealt, the array with community cards comes next. Once the layer sees the reveal fold, they either call or fold. If they choose “call” the two community cards left are dealt and the dealer reveals his/her cards. The one with the top hand value wins the game.

Playing Experience in Malaysian Online Live Casinos

Online casinos have placed much emphasis in the creation of casino games that are fully engaging and fun.

By introducing several casino game options, online live casinos have brought us the thrill and excitement that comes with real-world casinos. As a matter of fact, live casinos are even more entertaining and convenient than their real-world counterparts.

Plus, their range of casino game options is quite impressive. Whether you try your luck in Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, or slots, fun is almost guaranteed. This is the reason why so many people choose live casinos online. Unlike land-based casinos, online-based casinos have much more games to offer with no physical and time restrictions. You won’t only find classics but other more updated and interesting game choices too.

There is something for everyone and every skill level. Even though we are aware that players in Malaysia have many casino options to choose from, BEWIN998 is one of our best picks.

The greatest perks of this platform is that it has some of the best bonuses and specials available. Plus, there are no time and physical constraints, as in the case of real-world casinos.

Live casinos in Malaysia allow players to freely place their wagers and try their luck from anyplace and anytime they wish.

You only need to have a solid web connection and access the casino from your P.C or mobile device and you all set. It’s a very exciting and thrilling world to explore that comes with impressive settings and interaction with great dealers.

Why Do Most Folks Choose BEWIN998 Casino as a Trusted Live Casino in Malaysia?

Before getting into the answer of this question, let’s first mention the amazing color themes of BEWIN998. Once you click our live casino link, the dark shade and impressive graphics will invite you to start playing, even if you are a newbie at this. Lucrative bonuses and specials make you feel more welcome and privileged as well.

Since initial impressions counts and the colors chosen and used can really affect the mood of the people that see them, we have chosen a color theme that is likely to have a positive effect on the players’ mood. Thus one of the many reasons why players flock to our website.

As technology progresses, new variations of classic games are emerging, adding to the whole user experience.

We should note here that online live casinos differ from land-based casinos as the first are parts of online betting. Live casinos online exist digitally but they operate like a real land-based casino. Plus, online casinos allow easy cashing in and out methods and welcome new and existing players with special bonuses.

During play, you have to check the etiquette concerning the way you talk. Online dealers are truly great in dealing with the players. Players are also free to send their questions and queries to our support team and they’ll receive a prompt response.

The majority of gamblers choose the online live casino Malaysia option as opposed to a land-based Casino in Malaysia and abroad. Online casino sites like that definitely yield big savings in time and money that would otherwise be spent to go and stay at a real-world casino.

Plus, many casinos are utilizing the RNG software standard for slots and video devices. This is the most reliable software used by online casinos like BEWIN998.

There’s something quite special and intriguing about checking a deck of cards being shuffled and spread out by the live dealer. It’s an element that makes casino betting very engaging, with special promos and a welcome bonus up to 300% for new players and up to 120% deposit bonus. Other bonuses on other games e.g. slots apply as well.

In a nutshell, Online Casinos in Malaysia are the best choice and the BEWIN998 Club Malaysia online terms and conditions for registration offer to their clients a really great casino gaming experience.

You may create a new account for FREE to reap all these amazing welcome bonuses and specials. The platform is compatible with P.C Windows, mobile iOS and Android, and accepts several depositing and banking methods. Plus a 24/7 customer service support team is ready to answer your questions right away. It’s the most fun and safe casino you’ve ever tried.

Live Casino Promotion In Malaysia

Live casino games are attractive due to the fact that live dealers look young in age and are dressed nicely. A webcam follows the moves of the dealers that shuffle and spread the cards and live engagement is also enabled.

Thus, you may easily reach out to the dealers and place a wide range of bets for each game that appears on your screen. There is a control panel on your screen which allows you to place your bets, check the game rules and guides, and head to the cashier section to check your account balance.

The video quality of the games depends on how fast your internet is. But, you'll be able to view the dealer giving the cards to each player at random. For the purpose of playing online casino games in Malaysia such as live roulette baccarat or poker at any site that deals with Malaysian players,you have to create a user account first and make a deposit.

Plus, the top Malaysian live Casinos also spoil new members with Malaysia live casino promotion like welcome bonuses and specials upon registration. Malaysian players are also entitled to receive free credits in Malaysian currency so they can play at a lower risk than real-world casinos, without having to stake larger amounts.

Live Casino in Malaysia - FAQ


🃏 Which live casino game has the best payouts?


Blackjack has the best overall payout for a live casino game.


📱 What is the safest live casino in Malaysia?


BEWIN998 has been in the industry for many years and trusted for its players protection features.


💰 Can you win money with live casino games?


Players can win massive prizes at live casinos if they have luck. That said, please carefully control your bankroll.